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The faculty has been proactive in undertaking challenging assignments of consultancy, helping the government, industry and several private sector enterprises in finding out solutions to overcome technological and operational problems.


The department has an excellent interaction with industry and has been a catalyst in the growth and development of industries/organizations through solving some of their problems. The faculty has got expertise in all the divisions of civil engineering and vast experience to undertake consultancy assignments.During the last five years, 173 consultancy projects were undertaken for major firms like M/s. Ship Building Centre Ltd, M/s. Hindustan Ship Yard ltd, M/s.Visakhapatnam Port Trust, Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal corporation, M/s. Gayatri Projects Ltd, Visakhapatnam Urban Development Authority and more.


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Broad Areas of Consultancy services that can be offered Nature of jobs that can be executed
Structural Designs Design of multi-storeyed structures,Design of Elevated Service Reservoirs, Design of Hospitals, Design of Library Buildings, Design of Bridges, Design of Earthquake Resistant Structures and Design of Indoor Stadium.
Health Monitoring of Structures Non-Destructive Testing of Structures, Health assessment of Structures, Repairsand Renovation of Structures.
Transportation Design of flexible pavements and rigid pavements, structural and functional evaluation of pavements, design of junction improvements, Traffic volume studies and Geometric design of roads.
Detailed Project Report (DPR) of Rain water harvesting scheme and Ground water recharge Planning, Field investigation and Design and Cost estimation of Rain Water harvesting structures, such as Farm Pond, Weir wall and Protection works, embankments, Percolation Pond, etc.
DPR of Hydraulics & Water Resources (irrigation) Structures Planning, field investigation and Design and Cost estimation of Hydraulics & Water Resources (irrigation) structures, such as Barrage, Surplus weir, Canal Regulator, Canal fall, Canal Aqueduct, etc
DPR of Water supply scheme, DPR of water treatment plant, DPR of Sewage water (Waste water) Planning, field investigation, Design and Cost estimation of Water supply (Distribution) scheme, Water treatment plant, Sewage water management, Over Head Tanks, treatment plant, Water shed management , Optimal pipe network, Pump etc.
Flood routing through the river system River flood forecasting and mitigating measures.
Dam-breach Flood routing through the river system River flood forecasting due to embankment dam-failure and mitigating measures
Topographical survey Preliminary and detailed Topographical survey using electronic Total station and Preparation of drawings, Earth work estimation and Quantity surveying.
GIS Mapping Preparation of drawings for various topographies using GIS technique.
Soil Investigation Bore Hole, SPT and SCPT plate load tests and pile load tests and preparation of detailed Geotechnical Investigation Reports by suggesting the type of foundation.
Soil Nailing Design and execution of soil nailing for vertical cuts to safe guard the slopes.

Major Consultancy Assignments Handled Recently

Name of the Faculty Client Organization Title of Consultancy Project
Prof. M.Potharaju Prof. K. V. Ramesh Andhra Pradesh State Housing Coportation Ltd. Quality control of Houses to the victims of Hud Hud Cyclone using Pre-Fab Technologies in Srikakulam, Vizianagaram and Visakhapatnam District
Prof. M.Potharaju, Prof. K. V. Ramesh Visakhapatnam Port Trust Structural Strength and soundness of Residential houses
Prof. KVGD Balaji M/S. Principle Acs Engineering India Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad Life Cycle management of Towers and monopoles
Prof.S.Ramakrishna Rao, Dr.D.Mukund HPCL Development of air pollution Assessment model and pollutant apportionment study of Vishakhapatnam.

Major clients

Client Organization
Andhra Petro, Visakhapatnam
Amudalavalasa Municipality
Andhra Pradesh State Housing Coportation Limited
Anukur Projects
Baypark Hotel & Resorts Pvt. Ltd
F B T E Pvt. Ltd, VSP,
GVS Projects Hyderabad
KatakamInfra projects India Pvt.Ltd
KCP Project Ltd, & Garrison Engineer, VSP
M/S. HBL LIFE Power System Ltd
M/S. Principle Acs Engineering India Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad
M/S. Vijay Nirman Company Ltd., Visakhapatnam.
M/s. Vishwanadh Avenues (India) Pvt Ltd
M/s. RamkyPharmacity, VSP
SEBC Projects Pvt. Ltd, VSP
Social Welfare Department
The Baypark Hotel & Resorts Pvt. Ltd, VSP
A.P.S.H. Corporation Ltd, VSP
NTPC, Simhadri
The Navya Construction, VSP
Bridge & Roof Ltd
Visakhaptnam Port Trust
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