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Founded in the year 1980, the Department of Civil Engineering offers B.Tech. (Civil Engineering), B.Tech. Civil Engineering with specialized subjects in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, M.Tech. Structural Engineering and Ph.D. degree programmes. The curriculum of B.Tech. degree covers core subjects of Structural Engineering, Hydraulics & Water Resources Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Surveying and Engineering Geology. The Department has a wide range of facilities available for teaching. The department has several advanced laboratories catering to the needs of students pursuing their education & has been at the forefront of leading research. In the past 5 years, the department offered more than 100 consultancy projects for various agencies. The department is a consultant to Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC), AP State Housing Corporation, Visakhapatnam Port Trust, HPCL etc.

The teaching-learning process is focused on imparting not only technical skills in the subject but also soft skills, aspects of industry relevance to enable students to become employable. The state-of-the-art laboratories and infrastructure facilities effectively aid the teaching-learning process. The Department has exclusive research centres of Fire Research Centre (FRC), Centre for Water Quality (CWaQ), Centre for Sustainable Urban Development (CSUD) and Development of Sustainable Concrete in the Thrust areas. The thrust areas of research have been Concrete exposed to elevated temperatures, Development of Sustainable Concrete, smart transportation technologies, water resources monitoring and management. The faculty is actively involved in seven funded research projects. The Department has the collaborations the University of Texas, Arlington and Department of Civil Engineering, University of North Carolina, Charlotte, USA.

Vibrant student chapters of professional societies like ASCE, CII-IGBC, ISTE, IEI, EWB etc. help in honing the skills of the students. The students are also involved in the consultancy and research projects under the able guidance of the faculty members. Regular meetings of the Board of Studies (BOS) are conducted to make the syllabus innovative and industry relevant. Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) is effectively implemented. Academic Monitoring Committees (AMCs) plays a crucial role in guiding our students towards their holistic development. The department has been meeting societal needs like monitoring traffic and designing safe road traffic junctions in and around Visakhapatnam city, Pollution Monitoring and Modelling, Geotechnical investigations and doing social service through NSS wing as a part of GITAM social responsibility policy.


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